The Future of Manufacturing: Why Frontline Technology is Worth the Investment

By Joe Morgan, President, Square Deal Machining Inc.

Looking ahead to the future of manufacturing, the most significant industry changes are determined by the ever-evolving needs of the customer. The key to continued success in the manufacturing industry is to understand the unique priorities of your buyers, and have a willingness to modify your operations accordingly to meet the demand.

Customers are seeking fast production, high efficiency and cost-effective manufacturing – and in 2017, they have an abundance of options available at their fingertips. Manufacturers must understand now is the time to do whatever is feasible to give themselves an edge over their competition.

Today’s manufacturers should not underestimate the value of technology. Rather than maintaining a shortsighted fixation on cutting costs, we should consider investing in cutting edge technology that can potentially launch operations to new heights.

Making our manufacturing processes faster, smarter, and simpler is necessary to maintain current customers and sustain future growth.  Facilities equipped with the latest technology can produce sophisticated items in a quick and cost-effective manner, reducing labor costs and allowing the company to keep up with demand.

My company can serve as an example. In order to take our full-service fabrication, machining and welding services to the next level, we invested in a $2 million tube laser. Certainly, it was a sizeable expense, but also a tremendously valuable one: The tube laser will streamline future operations, enhance product and design possibilities, and reduce product turnaround time. I saw implementation of tube laser technology as the surest way to satisfy the needs of current and future customers and set our company apart from our competitors.

I encourage my peers to evaluate and consider technologies that could improve upon their day-to-day operations, and distinguish them as leaders and innovators within in their market. Those who are willing to go above and beyond the current industry standard will shape the future of manufacturing.

Joe Morgan is president of Square Deal Machining Inc., which began as a one-room machine shop in Marathon, N.Y., and has grown into a 300,000 square-foot facility that offers full-service fabrication, machining and welding capabilities. There are three additional SDMI facilities, all located in the heart of New York state. The company employs more than 300 hard-working Americans.

3D printer in action